About Me

Hi, I Am Nellmari Suliveres-Rodriquez

I am a Christian Life Coach on a mission to empower and guide individuals to the path of success that God has already designed for them!

From being a young mother, to dealing with grief, living through a painful divorce, to feeling LOST in a world full of opportunities, I’ve been there. Yet, through it all I have come to learn that there is a solution for everything and with prayer and a little guidance, nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.


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My Story ​

To my family I am Honey, Momma and Mima (grandma). To others, I am Director, Reverend, or Coach. But before I was any of these, I was LOST.

I gave birth to my firstborn at the age of 19. I had just finished graduating from high school and having a baby was not something I had planned. My parents had sent me to the United States from Puerto Rico so that I could get what they thought would be the best education. When my family found out that I was pregnant, I became a disappointment to many of them. Then, my second child was born when I was 21.

That year, I lost my father and my brother only 3 months apart. It was a dark season of my life. I carried that pain and suffering for many years.

In the midst of financial and emotional struggles in my life, a divorce with the father of my children occurred after a 10-year marriage. As a new single mother, things became a bit more difficult, but my kids were my inspiration.

I managed to take online courses with the University of Phoenix and completed my degree in Accounting all while working hard to provide for my children.

Throughout all of this, I was told that I was stupid and was never going to become anything in life. Since I had a language barrier, my confidence was already very low. Those words impacted my life and I began trying to find who I was meant to be in this world. I would ask myself, ‘Who am I and what am I here for?’

I started to seek help. I began attending church and surrounded myself with a different group of people. I then attended Life Coaching sessions to gain more clarity. Thank God for the positive people He sends to cross our paths to be used to impart life into us!

I had an encounter and from that point forward I developed a relationship with my creator, the owner of my life, the lover of my soul, my God, Lord and Savior! If it weren’t for that encounter, I would not be here.

I thank God for every trial, every tear, every success and most of all for guiding me every step of the way.

Now, I have the privilege of serving as a Minister of the Church of God and as a Christian Life Coach, teaching the gospel and guiding women to find clarity on the purpose God has already written for their lives.

What I’ve learned looking back is that experiences build our character and there is always a greater purpose to our life challenges

As my motto states, There is a solution for everything. trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding!

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