Extraordinary Goals

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By Nellmari

The new year is around the corner and it’s time to set some goals! Many people see the beginning of a new year as an opportunity to start fresh and/or start something new. Some like to start the year setting up new diets or exercise routines; others find the timing fitting to begin a new job, start looking for a new home, or maybe even start a new business! Regardless of your personal aspirations, being strategic with you goal planning can benefit your outcome. 

Extraordinary Goal-Setting System

What are extraordinary goals?

Extraordinary goals are-


Outcome focused: Once you understand your why – and it’s an enthusiastic why – you’re 90% there!

In line with your values: The more a goal aligns with your inner or ‘core’ values, the easier it will be to achieve. NOTE: We can achieve goals that don’t align with our values but it’s harder to do and less satisfying.

Stated in the positive:  “I want healthy fingernails” rather than “I want to stop biting my nails”


Specific – so you know exactly what you’re trying to achieve

Measurable – so you know when you’ve achieved it

Action-oriented – so you can do something about it

Realistic – so it is achievable

Time-Bound – has a deadline

Here are some tips that can help you get the ball rolling:

Focus on the Outcome:


1.     What is it that you really, really want? 

2.     What is the specific outcome you’re looking for?

3.     Is it worth investing your time and energy?


Dig deep, ask God for divine alignment!

Align with your values (What God has poured inside of you):


1.     Is this goal in line with your life vision/overall life-plan?

Unsure? – Reflect on these questions: What is your biggest desire? Your passion? That thing you are really good at…

2.     Is this goal in line with your values?

Unsure? – Ask yourself “What is really important to me in life?” – Will this goal alter that?


3.     Are the goals something YOU truly want, or are they something you think you should have or should be doing?  Tip: If it is a should, it may be someone else’s dream…


4.     When you think about your goal, does it give you a sense of deep contentment or ‘rightness’, happiness and/or excitement? If so, these are good signs that it’s a healthy goal.

5.     If you could have the goal right now, would you take it? If not, why not? What could be hinderances?


6.     How does this goal fit into your lifestyle?  Time/effort/commitments/who else might be impacted?

Identify Obstacles:

  1. Can you start and maintain this goal/outcome?
  2. Do you have complete control over achieving it?
  3. How will making this change affect other aspects of your life? What else might you need to deal with?
  4. What’s good about your current situation? Are there any benefits to staying right where you are?
  5. Then ask, how can I keep those good aspects while still making this change?
  6. What might you have to give up to achieve this goal
  7. Essentially, what’s the price of making this change and are you willing to pay it?
  8. Who will you have to be to achieve this goal? A better version of yourself?


Goal Sizing:

Is your goal the right size to be working on? 

Too big? Break down into smaller goals. Too small? Fit into a larger goal.

What would be the minimum/Super-Easy level of goal to achieve?

What would be your target level of goal to achieve?

What would be your EXTRAORDINARY level of goal to achieve?

Resources – get moving:

What resources do you already have to help you achieve your goal? and What resources do you need to help you achieve your goal?For example: things, support from people, contacts, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, time, etc.



REMEMBER – GOALS are there to INSPIRE YOU, use them to keep you on track! 

Start writing and putting your thoughts in order. 

Don’t forget to pray to ensure God is there guiding you every step of the way. 

Make the first move to start your new season. 

You got this!

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