Soul Care

Did you know that it is as important to care for your soul as you care for your body?  

Many don’t even think about it. The truth is that if we do not care about our soul, unfortunately, it will lead to destruction.  It is important to reflect on our inner self so that we can make sure we are on the right track. This is a daily routine that we must do every day.
We are body, spirit and soul. It is imperative that we care, nurture and get to know all three parts equally. 

We are God’s creation. Spiritual beings in human bodies with souls that are able to connect. 

Body –  Allows us to relate to the physical world. The five senses, the organs, the nerves, etc. Designed to be able to communicate its needs.
Spirit – Allows us to relate to God. Your God-consciousness, your intuition, the Holy Spirit. Gives meaning and purpose in life
Soul – Allows us to relate. Beliefs, emotions, feelings, thinking, memories. This is your personality.
Learn each area and improve to the best of your potential. 

The heart is the center of the soul.

This is why its important to guard your heart because from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. We have to make sure we don’t leave our heart exposed so there is no room for the devil to attack head-on. We have to intentionally protect this organ that brings vitality into your spirit life.
So pray, seek God and ask Him to reveal to you if there is anything that does not belong to Him and to remove it right now, in Jesus name and it shall be done.

Embrace who you are. You have been fearfully and wonderfully made. Everything of you is unique. Now, your soul has four important factors that affect who you are and become the enemy’s battlefield.
  1. Your Mind – The enemy works by distorting your thinking with lies about God, His God, even yourself, trying to paralyze your soul with a negative thought process contrary to the bible.
  2. Your Will – Moving you away from your pursuit of godly and eternal achievements, diverting you towards interest that are temporary, with little vision and even directly opposed to the will of God.
  3. Your emotions – Playing with your feelings, provoking responses such as anger, discouragement, revenge or sadness to persuade you to make unstable decisions.
  4. Your conscience – Influencing your conscience to live in a way that is not in accordance with biblical principles.

Line up according to who God says you are. Do not allow the enemy to mess with you.

Are you investing time in soul care?

There are many ways we can feed our soul, but we have to be intentional. 

  • Make time to seek God and have that quiet time. 
  • Find a good spot to read the bible and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you. 
  • Pray and learn to listen to the voice of God.
  • Journal your thoughts, ideas, dreams, goals, etc.. then place them all in God’s hands.

He will direct your path. 

What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul? 

Matthew 16:26