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Personal Sessions

Personalized sessions will be curtailed to your specific needs. We will work together on building a platform that will align you with your God-given purpose. You will gain a clear understanding of your goal and the direction you need to take in order to achieve those goals. After an initial phone or virtual interview, one-hour coaching sessions will be scheduled at your convenience.

Group Sessions

Virtual group sessions have been designed to help empower individuals in group form. Group discussions will vary monthly and will range from life struggles to tools and skills that can be used to overcome them. Group sessions are great for individuals who will like to experience how coaching works before committing to personalized sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Conversationalists
  • Glorified Purpose Partners

  • Objective Listeners
  • Missionaries of Hope
  • Question Askers
  • Challengers
  • Ministers of the Gospel
  • Discerners
  • Spiritual Advisors
  • Truth Unveilers
  • Victory Celebrators
  • Boundaries Mentors
  • Vision Shepherds

Anyone willing to be coached and is eager to take steps in the direction they were intended to.

Although counseling and life coaching can go hand by hand, there is in fact a difference. Looking at it as someone searching for guidance, I can explain that counseling helps people with their past issues, emotions, situations, pains, struggles, challenges, and perhaps negative reactions to those past issues. Counselors are trained individuals that help find where the problem is coming from and let you know why those are reactions to past actions.
Life coaching helps people find where they are in life and where they want to be. It looks forward to a future of hope and dreams helping them reach their potential in order to fulfill those dreams giving strategies to reach those goals, making changes, and taking action. A Christian life coach can help the person build courage and a clearer vision to reach the purpose God has placed for their lives. 

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